LEAD By Example
Learn, Empathize, (be)Appropriate, Decide

Do one positive thing today

Stop yourself from doing just one negative thing today

Ask someone else to stop doing just one negative thing today, and instead do something positive.

Piloted by Andrew T.


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KCRA Kids Can Food Drive!

Lodi High, it is that time of year again and the Interact Club is hosting the KCRA Kids Can Food Drive! Participating teachers and clubs all around campus are competing to be the class that brings in the most cans and dry-food goods.  If every student just brought in one can, we would have 2,154 cans! Help us be the school that brings in the most cans!                                                                                                            Shinn

Lunchtime Exits

Attention all students who leave campus during lunchtime:  You must use one of the following gates to leave campus:  The drive-through gate in the student parking lot, the front gate by the red “L”, or the gate nearest the track.  You are not allowed to exit from any other gates.  No exceptions.                 Baysinger

Dress Code

Dress Code:  After careful consideration, our school has decided to lift the ban on hats during school hours beginning 2nd quarter. This means that any caps or beanies may be worn outdoors at lunch and during passing periods so long as they do not contain anything obscene, vulgar, or contrary to the Lodi High dress code.                                                                                                                                                                    —Admin.