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Incoming Freshman Parent Orientation Flyer - Class of 2018

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Lodi High School Counseling Department
Rosa Campa  (A-FRAM)      331-7678

Michelle Cortez  (FRAN-MARR)   331-7672

Chrissy Casillas  (MART-RHE) & AVID      331-7674

Lyndon Blodgett (RIC-Z)    331-7671

You can call 331-7695 or 331-7650 for assistance.

School Psychologist        Summer Henney            331-7705
                                           Luis Madrigal                   331-7713
Speech Therapist            Kim Giorgi                        331-7708
Community Liaison         Luis Hernandez               331-7783
Migrant Education           Maria Rodriguez             331-7704  
Last updated January 2013

9th grade orientation

Incoming Class of 2018  9th grade flyer


Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are required as part of the application for entrance to most private colleges. They are also required for many scholarship applications. Please fill out the information on this Request Form  and return it to your Counselor FOUR WEEKS prior to the date it is due. If you have any questions, please see your Counselor.

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