Student Athlete Advisory Council

Student Athlete Advisory Council 2016-2017

Student Athlete Advisory Council 2016-2017

SAAC Members

Student-Athlete Advisory Council Responsibilities

Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council advise and assist the Athletic Director and LHS Administration on matters related to maintaining and promoting a proper perspective and sensible scope for high school athletics as related to Lodi High School.

Members Must:

  • Act as a voice of the student-athletes at Lodi High School
  • Assist and participate in student leadership activities
  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Participate in at least one varsity level sport
  • Be nominated by a coach or Athletic Director
  • Demonstrate Leadership Qualities on and off their respective playing field


Council Members

Benjamin Bishop (Football, Wrestling, Track)

Andrew Clemons (Cross Country, Soccer, Track)

Brosnan Elrod (Water Polo, Swimming)

Nathan Foster (Baskteball, Baseball)

Chase Howell (Football, Track)

Roman Huerta (Football, Wrestling)

Ana Jimenez (Cross Country, Wrestling, Softball)

Lili Lebaron (Water Polo)

Hayden Lewis (Water Polo, Baseball)

Justin Medeiros (Wrestling)

Rhett Porter (Football, Track)

Kent Powell (Football, Basketball, Track)

Camille Ramirez (Soccer)

Monica Valenzuela (Golf, Basketball, Track)

Madelyn Woznick (Swimming)

Carina Zazzarino (Golf, Softball)


Advisors: Erin Aitken, Athletic Director

                Michelle Guardado, Coach/PE Teacher