Welcome to our LHS Support Services.  There are many different types of support that our students may need throughout their four years here whether it is academic, social, or emotional assistance to get them through the ups and downs of high school life.  Here, we have provided you with a few resources at your fingertips to scan through.  At any time you have any questions or concerns, your LHS counselors are here to help.  


1. LHS Professional School Counselors are here to help to the best of our ability and/or point you in the right direction.


2.  Here is a flyer you can print out that can help you navigate a few of the resources we have here on our campus to support our students.   Support Services 16-17.pdf


3.  This packet is a life-saver for not only our freshman students and parents but is also a valuable resource for other grade levels.  Our amazing counselor, Mrs. Cortez, puts this together every year for our incoming 9th grade parent nights.  Please take a look and you may print and keep for your own files.  Freshman Flames Survival Guide 16


4.  As soon as our After School Tutorial Enrichment Program flyer is out, we will post that for you to utilize if our students need any help academically after school.  It also includes our enrichment programs some of our teachers are having after school for fun.  astep calendar.pdf


5.  Last but not least, we are including our community resource directory for you to have at your fingertips if you need any other outside services for either you, your student, friends or family.  CommunityResourceDirectory2015.pdf

Lodi High Counseling


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Rosa Campa         (A-C)            331-7678     

Michelle Cortez     (D-Hern)       331-7672   

Nicole Rosado      (Herr-Mor)     331-7655

Irene Guerin         (Mos-Sand)   331-7674

Lyndon Blodgett    (Sane-Z)       331-7671 

  • Lodi High School provides a comprehensive school guidance program that focuses on academic, college/career, and personal/social counseling. Lodi High students are divided into 4 alphabetic groups, each group being assigned to a counselor. These alpha counselors work with their students throughout the year.


  • Students should meet with their counselor at some point each year  to discuss graduation requirements, a-g requirements for college, and career and academic goals. Counselors continuously monitor students' progress towards graduation by regularly evaluating credits and analyzing transcripts. Each year, LHS Counselors provide the most current and up-to-date information at parent nights,  financial aid night and in classroom presentations. 


  • Lodi High counselors are here to make sure students have positive and healthy experiences, and are prepared for life after graduation.

How do I get my transcript? Student guide to ordering here

Click here if you are a current student, wanting a transcript.  Order information included here.Transcript Order Process.docx

Quick information

Students and parents text 81010 and in the message type this code @counslhs

You will receive text messages containing important dates as the year progresses

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In Naviance, Remember

1. If you are applying through common app, please link your colleges so letters of recommendation and counselor forms can be sent

2. When you have fully submitted your application, please mark submitted in "colleges I'm applying to."

3. When you receive your acceptance letter or otherwise, please mark in your "colleges I'm applying to."

4. When you decide which school you will be attending, please update in "colleges I'm applying to" so we know.  


Questions, please contact your counselor.