Lodi High School Attendance Office
 Attendance Technician Lori Bryant        331-7781
Attendance:                        Bev Herrick      331-7777
Attendance Advisor:  Crystal Esquival    331-7754
Attendance Policies:
The Attendance office is located in the North Administration Building. Hours are 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.
Attendance Requirements
Good attendance and acceptable behavior are the keys to satisfactory scholarship and vocational preparation at Lodi High School. Parents who spot potential problems are encouraged to call counselors or assistant principals. Parents are reminded it is their responsibility to see that their student attends school on time,daily, and to notify the school when your child is absent in writing.
Parent Reminder: Cell phones may not be used by students during the school day. If your student needs to leave due to illness or medical appointments etc, they must go through the Attendance Office so that staff can make parent contact.
Arriving Tardy
Arriving late to school:A parent note must be sent with the student, so that the tardy can be cleared. Detention will be issued to any student arriving late without a note.
Absence due to illness
Lodi High School allows students 10 school days to provide a note to the Attendance Office due to illness, medical appointment and other absences. All absences must be cleared by parent note.
Notes must include:
Student Name
Date of absence
Reason for absence
~The last Monday of each quarter will be the LAST DAY to turn in period absence corrections. Notification of current absences (within 10 days) will still be accepted. Corrections received after this deadline will not be processed.
~Students who are absent more than 5 days per quarter will be asked to provide medical verification. If verification is not provided, absences will be posted unexcused.
Permits to Leave
Please save time by adhering to the following process. Except in case of emergency, please send a note to school with your child when needing to leave during the school day. This note should be taken to the attendance office, where they will receive a pass releasing them from class. Due to reduced staffing, we are not always able to get your child in a timely manner when calling by phone, which may cause them to be late to their appointment.
All students leaving school during the school day must check out through the attendance office. School staff must speak to, or have a note from a Parent/Guardian or other emergency contacts before students are allowed to leave campus for any reason.
Leaving campus during the school day: Your student must bring a note from a parent/guardian prior to the time they need to include the following:
Student name
Reason/ type of appointment
Time to leave class
This pass will allow your student to notify the teacher, giving permission to leave class at the appointed time.
Any student leaving campus without a Permit to Leave, will be considered truant. These truancies may not be cleared once the student has left campus.
Leaving school due to illness
Students may not use their cell phones to call parents when ill.  This is a cell phone violation and consequences will been forced.
Ill students should gain teacher permission to go to the attendance office.  The staff will contact you and gain permission for your student to leave campus through home and emergency contacts provided. If the student returns to school on the same day after checking out, please have them check in at the attendance office with their permit to leave, to receive a pass to class. If the student does not return on the same day, it is not necessary to return the permit to leave.
18-Yr. Old Absence Verification
Contact staff for more information
Pre-Arranged Absences
Pre-Arranged forms must be completed prior to the absence for the following types of absences:1) Religious Holidays and camps (limited to four hours per semester);2) Court appearances;3) Funerals, other than immediate family;4) Employment interview;5) Any foreseen absences.  Pre-Arranged absences will not be approved for family vacations. Forms are available in the Attendance Office.  Please follow these steps whencompleting Pre-Arranged forms:1) Obtain form and parent signature; 2)Administrator review/signature; 3) Teacher signature; 4) Return to attendance. When completed returned the attendance office will process.  This process should be completed at least two days prior to absence when possible.
Closed Campus Policy
Lodi Unified School District has a closed campus policy for all students. Juniors or seniors, with parent permission, may apply for the off campus lunch privilege.  Guidelines for off campus lunch privilege are noted on the application form.  Students will not be permitted to leave for lunch without a valid off campus card. Parents may pick up students without privileges in person only. Students who violate the closed campus policy may be suspended for up to five days!
Codes are used in accordance to the California Ed Code.