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Welcome to Lodi High School Attendance Information Page. School attendance is one of most important aspects of school achievement.
This site may help answer questions and provide forms needed to assist students in maintaining regular school attendance and academic success.  
Contact Us or call (209) 331-7777 or (209) 331-7781
Attendance Policies
Good attendance and acceptable behavior are the keys to satisfactory scholarship and vocational preparation at Lodi High School. Parents who spot potential problems are encouraged to call counselors or assistant principals. Parents are reminded it is their responsibility to see that their student attends school daily on time and reports absences or truancy. Online attendance/grade viewing access are available through the Home Access Center (Aeries Portal) for parents and students.
  • To clear either all day absences or when arriving late: Submit a parent/guardian note, (written and signed by parent/guardian only), Email or Phone call, 331-7777, to the Attendance Office. Notes are preferred and should include: Student First/Last Name, ID number, grade, date(s) of absence, reason, and parent/guardian signature.  
  • Students leaving early should follow the Permit to Leave Policy
  • Personal Illness - School may require doctor's note verifying absences after 10 days.
  • All students are allowed fourteen (14) days excused for illness without medical verification.  Absences not cleared with the medical verification will remain unexcused.  Parents must still call to notify attendance for all student absences.
  • Students have 10 school days to clear absences. Late notes received after 10 school days will not be processed, and Saturday School may be assigned for truancy or excessive unexcused absences.
  • Late: A student arriving late to school should arrive with a note. Detention may be issued to students arriving late, with no note.
  • Reminder: Teachers are NOT required to provide makeup work for unverified or unexcused absences
Student cell phones may not be used to contact parents during the school day when ill.
Excused                                                                  Unexcused                                                                            
-Personal injury/illness                                       -Car Trouble                                                                        
-Medical appts.                                                   -Oversleeping                                                     
-Court appearances                                            -Truancy/Cuts                                    
-Jury Duty
Permits to Leave
Please follow the procedures listed to save time and avoid classroom disruptions.
All students leaving campus during the school day must check out through the attendance office.
If leaving early for medical/dental appointments your student should bring a note to the Attendance Office, before school. The note should have the Student name, ID, date, reason, and time to leave.  Please provide verification from doctor appointments after visits, when possibleWhen leaving ill:  Report to attendance office and staff will make parent contact. If returning to school on the same day, check in at the attendance office to receive a pass to class. Students leaving campus without a Permit to Leave, will be considered truant. These truancies may not be cleared once the student has left campus. Students may not call/text home from cell phones or the classroom to get permission to leave.  A STRICT NO CELL PHONE POLICY applies during the school day and may result in consequences.  Staff must get parent permission for students to leave campus.
Pre-Arranged Absences
Pre-Arranged forms must be completed for the following types of excused absences: 1) Religious Holidays and camps (limited to four hours per semester); 2) Court appearances; 3) Employment interview; 4) LHS Athletic activities. Pre-Arranged absences will not be approved for family vacations which are coded U.  Forms are available in the Attendance Office.  Please follow these steps when completing Pre-Arranged forms:  1) Obtain form and parent signature; 2) Administrator review & signature; 3) Teacher signatures; 4) Return to attendance. When completed & returned the attendance office will process. 
Closed Campus Policy
Lodi Unified School District has a closed campus policy for all students. Juniors or seniors, with parent permission, may apply for the Off Campus lunch privilege. Guidelines for off campus lunch privilege are noted on the application form. Students will not be permitted to leave for lunch without a valid Off Campus card. Parents may pick up students for lunch, at the attendance window, but telephone calls or notes requesting permission for students to leave for lunch will be denied. The cost of Off Campus cards will be $2 per quarter. Progressive discipline applies to all violating the Closed Campus Policy.
If lost, replacements Off Campus cards are $10.
18-Yr. Old Absence Verification
Lodi High utilizes an 18 year old Attendance Contract, requiring a parent/guardian signature as acknowledgement of the student’s addition to the emergency card. The school will continue to contact a parent if we suspect an 18-year-old is abusing the right to excuse class absences. 18-yr old students are allowed to clear 5 absences per quarter without medical verification.
1)  Student leaving campus without Off Campus Card - Disciplinary action = Minimum: Warning, unexcused absence, parent notification. Maximum: 5 day suspension.
2) Driver of vehicle taking student without Off Campus Card in vehicle- Disciplinary action = Loss of Off Campus Card
3)  Passengers in Vehicle with student without Off Campus Card - Disciplinary action = Loss of Off Campus Card
4)  Students caught riding in trunk of non-passenger area of vehicle will be subject to suspension and will be referred to Lodi P.D. for citation.  Drivers will be suspended and referred to Lodi P.D.


Student Clubs

Lodi High has 25 student clubs.  Clubs are a great way to meet new friends with similar interests.  Listen to the bulletin for club meetings times and dates.




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Yearbooks are available for sale at the Fee Window during lunch and after school for $70 until January 1, 2019. Price will increase after this time. Write a check to 'Lodi High Yearbook'. Or you can order by credit card at with order number 7826. Make sure to keep your receipt. You will need your receipt to pick up your yearbook in May.

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