Since 2015, Lodi High has been offering the ASTEPS Program (After School Tutoring and Enrichment Program) which provides students with the opportunity to get tutoring after school or become involved in a variety of engaging activities throughout the year. Students who participate in the after-school program are eligible for a free snack. Students do not need to register, but can simply show up and sign in. Programs can change from year to year, depending on the need. What is posted below, is currently being offered this year.   

One such program is the ASTEPS Athletic Study Hall which requires all athletes that do not have a GPA of at least 3.0, and all Freshman athletes, to attend ASTEPS during their season of sport until quarter grade checks.  Once quarter grade checks are completed, athletes will either remain that do not have a 3.0 or be dismissed.  All freshman, regardless of GPA, are required to attend ASTEPS their entire season of sport. Students who attend Athletic Study Hall, will receive a free snack after school, and then go to an assigned classroom where they will be able to work quietly on homework. This provides them an opportunity to keep their academic growth a priority and helps student athletes to have less homework to complete after practice and games. 

We highly encourage all athletes to attend ASTEPS.  Since ASTEPS has been implemented at Lodi High in 2015, we have had more students remain academically eligible than ever before. ASTEPS and the Lodi High coaching staff work closely together to ensure that all our athletes make academics a priority.  

All athletes are assigned to a specific classroom by the ASTEPS staff a week after final rosters have been made. Each athlete also can seek extra tutorial when needed.   Attendance is mandatory for those who are assigned ASTEPS.  Attendance is taken each session and coaches and staff are in constant communication.  Times and days assigned are given to each athlete individually by the ASTEPS staff.  Each athlete is assigned to two days per week from 3:25-4 pm with the exception of game days. 

Please contact: Jay Wallis, Heather Tunnell and Crystal Meza with any additional questions.  

Academics before Athletics! 

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