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At Lodi High School, the counselor's role is to support the students both academically and emotionally.  We promote and enhance the learning process as students navigate their high school careers and plan for life after graduation.  Counselors meet with their students each year to review academic progress and concerns.  Parents and students are welcome to make appointments with or email counselors to discuss curriculum, class scheduling, college plans etc.

What can your Counselor do for you?

  • Assist with designing a course of study, and with making appropriate scheduling changes within the defined time limit.
  • Help you meet high school graduation and college entrance requirements
  • Help you to gain the skills you need to succeed in high school and beyond
  • Help whenever you are having academic or personal difficulties
  • Help you envision and reach your post-secondary goals, be they gaining acceptance to a university, continuing your education at a community college or finding employment in the community. 

Support Services

Here is a flyer you can print out that can help you navigate a few of the resources we have here on our campus to support our students.   Support Services

Freshman Flames Survival Guide

This packet is a life-saver for not only our freshman students and parents but is also a valuable resource for other grade levels.  Our amazing counselor, Mrs. Cortez, puts this together every year for our incoming 9th grade parent nights.  Please take a look and you may print and keep for your own files.  Freshman Flames Survival Guide

After-School Activities

As soon as our After School Tutorial Enrichment Program flyer is out, we will post that for you to utilize if our students need any help academically after school.  It also includes our enrichment programs some of our teachers are having after school for fun.  astep calendar.pdf

Community Resource Directory

This is our community resource directory for you to have at your fingertips if you need any other outside services for either you, your student, friends or family.  

Graduation Requirements

College and Career


Our College and Career Specialist and Counselors provide extensive support to prepare students for life after high school. The tabs at the top of this page provide some of the support information.

College Information:  Naviance Lodi High, Goal Planning, SAT and ACT info

College Scholarships and Financial Aids:  FAFSA, Scholarship Newsletter

College Sports.  NCAA, NAIA

Career.  Goal Planning

Resources.  Resources to help find the right college and career for you, and answer questions about them.

*New* College and Career Seminar

College and Career Seminar.  This is a presentation recently made to Seniors.

CSU and UC Academic Admission Requirements

California State University Requirements

English : 4 yrs. (College Prep)

Mathematics: 3 yrs. (Alg., Geo., Alg.2)

World History, US History & Gov't.: 2 yrs.

Lab Science: 2 yrs. (Bio., Chem., Phys.)

Foreign Language: 2 yrs. (Same Language)

Visual & Performing Arts: 1 yr.

Electives: 1 yr. (English, Advanced Math,  Social Science, Lab Science,  Foreign Language, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Agriculture)


University of California Requirements

English: 4 yrs.(College Prep)

Mathematics: 3 yrs. (Additional recommended)

World History: 2 yrs. (US History & Gov't)

Lab Science: 2 yrs. (Additional recommended)

Foreign Language: 2 yrs. (Additional recommended)

Visual & Performing Arts: 1 yr.

Electives : 1 yr. (from at least two of the following areas: History, English, adv. Math, lab Science, Foreign Language and Social Science)


A "D" grade in any required "A-G" subject course is not acceptable for 4-year college/university.