College Information


In Naviance, Remember

1. If you are applying through common app, please link your colleges so letters of recommendation and counselor forms can be sent

2. When you have fully submitted your application, please mark submitted in "colleges I'm applying to."

3. When you receive your acceptance letter or otherwise, please mark in your "colleges I'm applying to."

4. When you decide which school you will be attending, please update in "colleges I'm applying to" so we know.  

Questions, please contact your counselor. 


All students should be filling out our 4 year plan to help as a guide to determine what classes they should be taking and what grades they need to have in those classes in order to move to the next level and eventually get to their post-secondary goals whether it is a junior college, four year college, vocational school, military or work. 

4 year plan for LODI.pdf



Here are a few links that you will need when you sign up for the SAT and/or the ACT.  

The best time to register for your 1st test is in the Spring of your Junior year.  That allows you to have completed your higher level courses and also will prepare you to take the test again, if you choose to in order to increase your score, before application are due in the Fall of your Senior Year.  

The link below allowed you to look at the old SAT scores, new SAT scores and ACT scores to determine the relationship differences.

This next link allows you to look into 300 colleges across the states for a birds eye view of their average SAT/ACT scores that they are looking at for their particular college.