Delta College Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program - offered to High School students in the San Joaquin and Calaveras Counties - provides FREE college level courses in both the Transfer and Career Pathways allowing high school students to get a jump start on their college education by taking college credited course while still in high school.


MINIMUM ENROLLMENT:  All DEP courses must have a minimum enrollment of 35 students (The first 35 students to complete the admissions/enrollment process will be enrolled)  The San Joaquin Delta College Dual Enrollment program is offering an on-line course for Fall 2020.


History 31 - Mexican American History 

Fully Online September 7 - December 18; Transferable: UC and CSU;   Course Description:This course focuses on the historical development of the Mexican American people from their pre-Colombian roots through the Spanish-European conquest (1520-50) and colonial era (1550-1820), on through the birth of Mexico (1810-20) as an example of colonial independence movements. 

Each course is 3.0 units. 

Please email Ms. Campa - for more information.