Graduation Information


Students and parents need to refer to this sheet in order to understand what credits and classes are needed not only to graduate from high school but also to meet the minimum requirements to attend a CSU and a UC.

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What to do after high school?  That is the million dollar question.  Four year college, community college, vocational school, military or work.  So many choices for YOU.  Well, wherever and whatever you choose to do for YOUR future, we are excited for you. Here are a few links that will help guide you in a few directions.  

One quick and very IMPORTANT hint, ALWAYS write your username and passwords down somewhere safe. You will use the same one the whole time.  

UC Applications process can be exciting but daunting if you wait until the last minute.  DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!  Work on your essay, edit, revise so it showcases who you are all along precisely answering the UC's questions.  Application window opens on November 1st and closes November 30th. 

Uc application

CSU application is a bit easier as you are able to start working on it as early as 9th grade.  They have on the website the high school planner. Each year, put your classes and grades in the planner. As a senior, when you are ready to apply, all the information roles right into your application.  Convenient and user friendly.  Application window opens on October 1st and closes on November 30th. 

csu application

Private school can be trickier. Each private school has their own deadlines. You will need to visit each of the schools you are interested in to determine your timeline.  However, most private schools are now able to use the common application to make it easier for you to apply.

Community colleges.  This is a great option for all students. They serve the pathway to a four year college and have amazing programs for students who are interested in the vocational process.  The application window varies slightly but usually opens around March  with no real deadline. However, the more your PROCRASTINATE, the less classes you might end up with for your fall semester.  

 list of california community colleges

Remember, contact your school counselor for more information. But, please, review all the websites. There is an amazing amount of information for you to research.