LEAD Supplemental Resources

What is LEAD?

     The LEAD by EXAMPLE first day of school was held to show and teach our students how to be a responsible FLAME!  It is literally stepping away from just telling and showing by example how we want our students to behave and interact with each other. The day started with a ‘Happy New Year Welcome Party’ in the courtyard.  There was music, and all staff on hand welcoming students to the new school year. Staff wore LEAD by EXAMPLE t-shirts and all six class periods were planned out with different activities. There was also a fun and exciting rally!

     The goal of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), is to help parents and school staff create and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. Furthermore we want to promote positive life skills and reduce negative behaviors so that all students can succeed in school. Here at Lodi High, we have adopted the motto, “Flames LEAD by Example.” The L stands for Learn. The E stands for Empathize. The A stands for Appropriate. The D stands for Decide. Throughout the year we will be teaching and modeling these key action verbs and also rewarding students who are “caught” modeling correct behavior. It was a day of positive attitudes and it was a huge success! We hope your students enjoyed it.